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Friday, 16 October 2009

Pink Priest, and the Evil Format

So got a whole bunch of stuff awhile back from Pink Priest. Dudes stuff has been blogged around alot last few months and pitchforked, all of that. And deservedly so. This is great stuff. Built on a bed of noise, but filled out with melodic synth lines and drones. I like the way this guy sculpts something at times beautiful from the noise, drones and hums. But I'm not going to belabour the point, click on his name up there and listen for yourself. Its the best way. These came out on a whole bunch of labels. Kim Dawn, alberts basement, Digitalis Industries, Dial Square, and La Station Radar. All worth hunting down. What really interested me was the 3" cd's on La Station Radar and Kimberly Dawn. Not just because of the music, but I actually found myself liking the format. Alot of care has gone into the art and packaging, and maybe because of the size I don't know. Normally I'm not digging the format. But I will pick up a cdr or cd a band have done themselves or if the songs work well on a cd, heres a few I got recently and have actually made the best of the cd format. Lets see whats happening on the evil format.

I picked up this after hearing their homemade tape. Definitely one of the best UK hardcore bands around atm. Incredibly heavy, but also managing to sound fast and raging at the same time. Up there with Bastions. Waiting on their split 7". £4 from Power negi.

SW Hardcore comp.
This is a nice lil cdr comp of current hardcore bands from around the southwest of England. £3.50 from Tapeworm records, who also have a nice distro and zine. Featuring, Kasa, Rat Attack, Into The Dust, Kerouac, a whole bunch of stuff, 17 trax, 10 bands. Can't fault it.

Enslaved By Owls.
10 tracks and 37 minutes of music, limited to 50 copies. I picked up this after hearing Bad Life, who we are putting a split tape out with in the near future. Bad Life having ties with this guy. And its great stuff. Reminding me of ambient black metal, mixed with Goblin and all those old horror soundtrax you'd find on old Argentino flicks et al. $10 from here.

Blood Crips.
This is is a great bunch of songs from Leeds band Blood Crips. Featuring members of Broken Arm, and other Leeds hardcore bands. Rocks from start to finish and only £2 from the band themselves. Recommended.

Broken Arm
Shields Mystical.
This is another great bunch of Leeds hardcore. Vixens on this is just immense. The guys in these two Leeds bands also do a great zine called Niche Homo. Been around awhile but you can still score a few copies from sea records £4. Do it.

No Paws(No Lions)
don't be afraid of where you live
OK this has been out forever. But its definitely great. Still available from the lovely guys at the great label and nudist colony Family Time in california. I think its great that these guys have like 10 bands and 5 members between them and they are all good and different. But yeh if you're gonna do a cd or cdr get these and learn.